A thing I don’t like about working here is that they put SO much pressure on me to get a credit but 85% of the time I’m scheduled as a greeter. How THE FUCK am I supposed to convince people to get a credit card as soon as they walk in? And 80% of the time the people who do get people to get credit have convinced them at the register(which is the easiest way because you have the total right there and can tell them how much they will save if they get one and how many points they will receive). 15% of the time customers are convinced to get one in the fitting room because they are trying things and are in one spot so it’s easier to explain our credit to them. Yet they ALWAYS schedule me as greeter and look so dang disappointed that I haven’t gotten a credit. It makes me so upset.

When I worked at Borders it was so much easier to get people to sign up for our $20 reward system because I WAS CASHIERING. I know a $20 reward system is different than a credit but you still had to convince people and I got a decent amount the time I was working there. Over here, I have not gotten even 1 single credit.

I wish they could see how stupid this is. I want to mention something about it but I see no point. They are probably not going to keep me as a regular employee. The seasonals are probably leaving sometime after next week.

They are teaching the other seasonal employee things that they aren’t even bothering to teach me. This is how I know they aren’t keeping me. It’s because I can’t get a single credit.

Whatever. If they tell me they are not keeping me(I’m expecting the talk real soon) I will let them know about this flaw. But I guess it’s time to search for a new job.

I got my portfolio back and I got a 37 out of 50 and I’m so upset because if I got 3 more points I would have gotten a B. I hopr this doesn’t hinder my chance at an A.

But I finally got my two biggest finals out if the way.

And my back hurts like hecka cray and I wanna curl up in a ball and cry.